Love & Lust

from by JohnDionne



Love & Lust

With lust, I always jump in
But with love, nah I don't trust it (x2)

Yeah with love, I always rush and jump in
But then it turns to lust and fuck I'm not really reluctant
Yeah I was high my drive was fueled by sipping a cup of something
And it's ironic all I wanted was a little substance
But ended up with nothing but regret and upset stomach
So struck with luck, I stood my crush and now it seems we crushed it
See love and lust are fun but I know one is just disgusting
I have no control these girls just get my blood so pumping
And if I'm being honest I wanna love like my sister has
Still the little kid passing notes to the chicks in class
Bit stay distracted by flirty bitches n tits n ass
I'm just a human I'm assuming you can witness that
And sometimes wanna rewind my life a little and relive my past
But understand my mind is like a riddle and I'm missing half
I'm sick in fact,
a mf dick somebody kick my ass
Before I go and lose my grip n trip on down this wicked path

I'm not okay babe I'm such a sick guy
Why you think I only text you after midnight
My life is pain babe I'm tryna hide it
Why you think I always show up with my eyes red

I'm not okay, I’m not okay x2

Repeat hook


from Nothing Nice, released January 14, 2017
Produced by JohnDionne, guitar by Kyle Winkler, saxophone by Will Swetland



all rights reserved


JohnDionne Seattle, Washington

JohnDionne is a Seattle rapper and producer that recently released his debut album “Nothing Nice”. This 10 track, entirely self-produced album is raw, angry, and brutally honest.

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