Holy Smokes

from by JohnDionne



I've been a dick
Been addicted to the weed smoke
Feel like benidict betraying my people
I Spend green to burn green leaves
But really i need to spend green to burn CDs
See me I'm struggling, juggling
My emcee dreams,
Should be bumping and hustling
My mp3s
Cause w/o em I got nothing but some empty schemes
My mind a Maschine, heart beating like an Mpc
And that's me, that's real, that's all I'm really here for
But stay distracted by weed rolled and beer poured
I got the drive but too high to steer more
"You said you'd drop a joint", guess I was blowing smoke
Can't complete a song, too busy blowing o's
Motivations gone, ganja got me going broke
Comatose, off the kush but look
I'm still holding hope
...I'm in my spaceship, you mutha fuckas rowing boats
i finally found my calling now I'm following it note for note
Get in my way, get in my face, im holding, choking throats
Im going off the deep end to get you heathens to notice flows
Cause me and Rocco j, will rock the place,
Like holy fucking smokes

Remember tripping hard?
Off chronic sent from Mars
Sippin Disaronno, blunts & big cigars
On the back porch crackin' jokes and spittin bars
But as you picture this, remember this is art
You think this isn't hard? Then grab a pen & paper
Write a line, try and find what you have been afraid of
Too many imitators been up and gettin' famous
Taking over the rap industry's entertainment
And in this day and age yo I can sense a disengagement
A misinterpretation of trials and tribulations
It's like that feeling you get when you miss a payment
Like hip and hop are going at it I just instigate it
I always thought it would get better when I'm older
That's why I vent through every letter in my notebook
Life's a drag that's why I'm never really sober
Even smoked out the angel and the devil on my shoulder
I need smoke


from Nothing Nice, released January 14, 2017
Produced by JohnDionne
V2 written by my dear friend Rocco J. Santucci!



all rights reserved


JohnDionne Seattle, Washington

JohnDionne is a Seattle rapper and producer that recently released his debut album “Nothing Nice”. This 10 track, entirely self-produced album is raw, angry, and brutally honest.

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