Dionne Darko

from by JohnDionne



The man in the mirror looks like a stranger now
Sorry god but I gotta let my anger out
Middle finger to the sky no fucks to give
Sorry god but I've really had enough of this
Yeah I really had enough of this
Yeah I really had enough...

I'm taking & breaking your rhymes, makin' em into gelatin bro
I'm taking & breaking your spine, playin' drums with your skeleton bones
I'm killing the beat, makin' em fly the flag at half mass
I'm crazy indeed like theres angel dust in my flapjacks
I lost my sanity, I'm just too busy to find it
Who's this cooper kid you speak of, cause i can't find him bro
I'm outta my mind, or whatever you wanna call it
Brushing the chips off my shoulders cause I'm all in
There's a virus in my letters, i'm calling it anthrax
I'm going postal so imposters please stand back
Stand back cause I'm coming full force full bore
Driving a ford explorer through your fucking front door
Leaving a trail of gasoline, watch my thoughts burst
Into flames, do it insane, i'm off my rocker
I'm off my rocker
Gimme a beat and watch me morph into a monster

Hook repeats

I got hot beats, loops of fire like the circus
I'm an untied tiger and I'm leaving you hurting
I stole this sample with a mutha' fuckin' mask and gun
I'm wearing a black hoodie, black t, my pants are sagging son
I'm taking a drag of the cigarette so I'm matching w my blackened lungs
My whole world black, it makes sense that, I'm bat shit huh?
Leaving you black n blue, I'm blacking out and then I'm slapping nuns
But if I don't remember my actions guess it didn't happen huh?
Shots after shots, it's like I'm at a war with rum
Shots after shots, I hate it when the morning comes
God I'm lost, I gotta block out all the morning sun
I'm sorry mom & pops, I love you lots but feel my course is run
Drink the bottle 'til it's hollow, no today and no tomorrow
When I'm behavin' this way I betray all of my role models
Fuck your piss test! I'm running with a blunt in hand
Dropping acid with Alice all day in wonderland
I got a poison pen, my quill is sharp, my verses kill
I'm sitting shotgun while Frank the Bunny works the wheel
I'm gone

Hook repeats


from Nothing Nice, released January 14, 2017
Produced by JohnDionne, guitar by Kyle Winkler



all rights reserved


JohnDionne Seattle, Washington

JohnDionne is a Seattle rapper and producer that recently released his debut album “Nothing Nice”. This 10 track, entirely self-produced album is raw, angry, and brutally honest.

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