Bloody Eyes

from by JohnDionne



Roll outta bed start to walk like a zombie,
Look in the mirror see a man that is not me, oh no no no
Then precede to breathe with a wheeze that leads to dry heaves
Man I can't stop coughing
My stomach bleeds maybe I should feed it something it needs besides all these cigarettes and coffee
I've been on a bud and a booze binge
It goes dub after dub after dub then a new 5th
Wake up in the morning, and I'm mourning "why you do this?"
Screaming at my self you need help ‘fore you lose it
Lost my girl, lost my job, and I lost my mind
Lost my world in a whirlwind out the blue like I'm blind
I find it funny how they feel I'm fine
Edge of the cliff about to slip as they walk by, I'm...
So filled with rage anger and hate, I…
Advocate you stay outta my way, I…
Don't give a fuck about yours when I hate mine
Always press ignore when my family try to FaceTime
Too busy slamming doors to even say hi
Smoke my lows away I blaze everyday and I stay high
I can't live another day inside of all these same lies
I can't play another game and end up with some snake eyes

I'm seeing red, I'm seeing red my eyes are bloody (x3)
Kill you with a gavel if you mutha fuckas try n judge me

I'm so lost I asked God jus to drop a pin
Show me what to do, where to go, how to live
Me myself and I asking why don’t you help us?
I'm so fuckin’ lost see my mug on the milk jug
I'm so sick & tired of being so sick & tired
It's always smoke n mirrors every time I get inspired
And finding motivations like finding a four leaf clover
I'm tryna find myself but you'll never find me sober
It goes Mary Molly Lucy I've been on a fucking binge, I…
Even slipped up & let that white girl up in the mix
And I can't front or lie I like the way they kiss
I guess it’s just part of me losing my innocence
In a sense such a sick kid
My sentences vicious, my presence is wicked
The only question is… whether the weed or me is more twisted
Everything u think u see, really isn't
Cause I look like a skinny teen from your vision
But feel like Vinnie P, JMT when I be spittin’
And I'm seeing red, no Visine
Smoking weed ‘til my mutha fuckin’ eyes bleed


from Nothing Nice, released January 14, 2017
Produced by JohnDionne, guitar by Kyle Winkler



all rights reserved


JohnDionne Seattle, Washington

JohnDionne is a Seattle rapper and producer that recently released his debut album “Nothing Nice”. This 10 track, entirely self-produced album is raw, angry, and brutally honest.

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