Black & White

from by JohnDionne



i was raised by green eggs and ham
some could say the son of Sam i am
i stand tall in ruins
i don't fit in with the monsters or the humans
biting bullets now my smiles toothless
i don’t give a damn what Simon says
look at my hands, I'm holding Simon’s head
i write the blues and then rhyme in red
I’m just killin’ time but now my time is dead
I've been waiting just to change in a phone booth
don't steal inspiration, go get your own muse
blow your mind you'll never find a man like me
blow your mind when I say fuck profanity
I’m straight to the point, so abstract
on rabbits feet crossin’ black cats
smashing four leaf clovers while I'm walking
still wearing the boots lady luck bought me
You're right by my side, yet I'm left so distant
the clear cut conclusions are completely cryptic
i spit this, and try to stay hungry
while fed up feelings fill my empty tummy
I’m screaming, in a banshee whisper
I'm going with the flow trudging up the river
i left the mob, kept the pitchfork
carry a big stick and a lit torch
making malicious moves, on that manic shit
you morons remain mimicking manikins
i handle biz, with no ...gimmicky antic-ness
stay grounded, still never abandon ship
I still never abandon ship
still never abandon ship
stay grounded, still never abandon ship
still never abandon ship
stay grounded, I still never abandon ship


from Nothing Nice, released January 14, 2017
Produced by JohnDionne, saxophone by Will Swetland



all rights reserved


JohnDionne Seattle, Washington

JohnDionne is a Seattle rapper and producer that recently released his debut album “Nothing Nice”. This 10 track, entirely self-produced album is raw, angry, and brutally honest.

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